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Martha Stewart ...

... owned stock in a company. She met the CEO at a party and says they didn't really talk much about the company. Shortly after, she issued a sell stop order with her broker. The stock sold off to that level, and she was stopped out. It just so happened, that it was near the top, and the stock came crashing down after.

The order for the sell stop showed the price, which was written in a different color ink. An FBI agent testified on the stand that he was an ink analysis expert, that he had personally viewed the sell stop card, and concluded that the price was changed after the fact.

She said she did not change the price, and did not tell the broker to change the price. The government used the FBI agent's testimony as evidence that she lied about that, and was convicted of lying.

After she was convicted, the FBI agent admitted that he had never looked at the sell stop card at all.

She appealed based on this, but the appeals court threw her case out, without addressing the evidence of the corrupt FBI agent.