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I made it, by some miracle of

I made it, by some miracle of nature, to the 2:56 mark of your "Is the NFL fixed?" conspiracy video, then quit.


Cuz this:

And frankly, I could have quit before then. That just happened to be the most blatant BS, and the easiest part of the video (to that point) to objectively - factually - pictorially - debunk.

If not equally and unequivocally false, the rest of the video is at least completely hyperbolic, both in its essence and in its assertions, puffing up correlation as causation for the less discerning viewer to stew over.

That's not to say there hasn't been corruption or meddling in the NFL of one kind or another, at one point in time or another; one need only look to the NBA referee scandal for evidence of the possibility of such shenanigans in professional sports.

I merely mean to mock the quality of that specific POS video. It's garbage, through and through.