Comment: China has a currency...but to

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China has a currency...but to

China has a currency...but to be honest, I have no idea what the hell it is called.

Oh yes, the, "renminbi," thank you, yahoo.

Everyone knows what a US dollar is. How many people know what a freaking renminbi yuan is?

Not many.

The US dollar is a product. It's the Federal Reserve's best seller. People like dollars like they eat Big Mac's. The dollar is a brand that sells. It's backed by nothing, but it's a movie that most people like. The dollar is make believe. It's a fantasy made possible with computers, mathematicians, and social political psychology. It's literally monopoly money, but it's cool and very popular to have, and still hard to come by no matter how many trillions the FED prints out of thin air.

The world took a financial dump in 2008, and the Federal Reserve bailed the entire global market out with toilet paper to wipe their asses with.

China is just pissed off that the FED sold them toilet paper called T-Bills and saturated the entire world with dollars.

The US TP'd China's front lawn with debt instruments that will blow up if they attempt to remove them. Sorry, but that is what happens when a horse takes a dump on your property, and then you buy it.

That is how powerful the US dollar is. People buy useless $hit every day and most of it is made in China. How ironic is that?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.