Comment: Voluntaryism aka Anarchism

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Voluntaryism aka Anarchism

Is the belief that force and coercion should not be used. Stefan Molyneux does a great job outlining how some of this would work practically, and why it is correct morally and ethically. Molyneux also explains the "argument from morality." When slavery was still prevalent, to argue against slavery, you only needed to explain the moral principle for why slavery was wrong. Now that government, aka "the use of force" is prevalent, to argue against "the use of force," you only need to explain the moral principle for why using force is wrong.

To argue for an end of government authority, you don't need to propose it's replacement, only that it is wrong; like slavery was wrong.

If you were forced to live under the mafia, or a cartel, you may not choose to oppose the cartel, which could get you killed or imprisoned. But at least explain to everyone why the mafia is wrong!