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I don't feel bad for Welker

He bounced out of here because he got dissed by management here moneywise, and apparently Bill Belichick was getting on his case.

Here's a little story about it

Welker is a workhorse, a star, a true professional. But management out here is just cheap. It seems like they want everyone here to play for under market value because it is the Pats. That is cool about Brady taking a pay cut (and I feel the same way about Brady. He's a class act. I gained a lot of respect for him after he came back in '09, after suffering a season ending injury on the first game in '08) - but look at the offense he's stuck with.

So don't worry about Welker. I don't think anyone out here begrudges him for leaving. Everyone is pissed at management here for not being willing to pay him what he's worth.

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Season 12. Looking forward to it Mike! And thanks for the tip on watching from Taiwan.

Nice to hear that you're bromance with the Avs is rekindled. I was a big Seattle SuperSonics fan as a kid, and now they're gone! Now they're the Oklahoma City Thunder.

So enjoy the Avs and be thankful that they're still there!