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"Technically if

"Technically if by shifting production to China a company can lower cost of production, that benefit will be passed on to consumers thereby increasing the consumer's purchasing power."

That's how you get a Walmart economy. The Chinese government subsidizes production so producers in China can sell below cost in the American market. By shifting production to China, jobs are eliminated in the United States for the sake of lower prices. When the American competition is eliminated the Chinese will raise prices because they want a return on their investment. Meanwhile, economic dislocation causes American job losses and poverty so voters demand things like food stamps and more law enforcement and you get more government interference in your life.

"Austrians support unadulterated free trade, and not bankster funded Government sanctioned 'free'-trade agreements."

Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan are all protectionist nations. The European Union is protectionist. We have opened our market to them while theirs remain closed to us. We run massive trade deficits with them and with everyone else. We practice more free trade than any other nation on earth and we have more immigration than all of them. Yet we are going bankrupt and have to borrow from them to pay the interest on our debts to them.

Our trade partners will continue to move up the value chain as their economies develop, and they will drive more Americans into the unemployment line as long as we allow them to. Free trade enthusiasts tell us this is great because we can buy cheaper stuff at Walmart and all those American factory workers who lost their jobs will get higher paying jobs as innovators of some kind. Instead, we get more food stamps and more prisons.

"If you want real long-term change for the better, then free-trade and free-immigration is the way to go."

In the 1800s, free trade was the philosophy of slave owners and imperialists. Today, it is the philosophy of Wall Street speculators, Federal Reserve economists, Democrats, Republicans, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Barack Obama, Robert Reich, Paul Krugman, William Kristol, Austrian economists, and above all, international high finance, which owns them all. The banksters know they can get what they want if they control all sides of the debate. What they want is mass immigration and free trade. So all economists, from Marxists to anarchists, Keynesians to Austrians, advocate for free trade and open borders because that's how you get heard in the media, or get jobs at universities, or get grants, or jobs at think tanks, or book deals. Any economist who questions free trade or mass immigration will be subject to vicious name-calling by the media and he won't be working for long. You have to kowtow to the money power if you want a livelihood as an economist.

"Free-immigration and free-trade happens without govt. involvement (like 19th century America)."

America was not a free trading nation in the 19th century. We were protectionist. Imperialist Great Britain was the free trader of its day. They attacked nations to open up markets and they looted the world at the point of a bayonet. They buried themselves in debt fighting wars in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. British free trade policies resulted in deindustrialization as they turned to America for their manufactured goods. We were protectionist and a creditor nation, like China is today. Once the banksters bled Britain dry, they moved over here and set up the Federal Reserve Bank. Now we follow free trade policies and Americans are buried in debt and dying in wars in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

America was not a free immigration nation in the 1800s either. We had great swings in immigration numbers as industrial interests imported shiploads of impoverished immigrants causing wages to fall and crime to increase which led to nativist movements that would push through restrictionist immigration policies.

Other than open borders and mass immigration, I agree with everything else you say. The petro dollar and the Federal Reserve Note are scams perpetuated on the American people and the world by international banking interests. The Federal Reserve and its debt-based monetary system are the main source of our problems.

"I ain't the dying type."

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