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So what kind of government or

So what kind of government or society do you think will be the best? A minarchist government with protectionist trade agreements?

The British were for 'free' trade when the pound sterling was the reserve currency of the world. Interesting that you support real money and the end of Federal Reserve but not free trade.

Let me pose this question, why does protectionism come up as an issue only across national borders. Say a state was devstated by hurricanes and people are ready to work at sweat-shop wages. What if that state govt. practices protectionism much to the chagrin of the other states within the USA borders. Or counties vs other counties or districts.

Remember this, even if companies out-sourced to China because of cheap labor and production, if Americans had bought stuff from China with real money (and consequently a real limit to spending), then such a difference in trade deficits would've never occurred. By borrowing from future unborn generations to service the current consumption levels, America has done a grave mistake of losing their future sovereignty and freedom to the chinese and big companies. When sound money is in place, protectionism will not work and un-adulterated free trade will flourish.