Comment: Even if you are alone

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Even if you are alone

It's not going to be a "we". Everyday, every second, someone somewhere has just had their SHTF. That's the way the SHTF works.

Remind me of a dead show in vegas back in the 90's. It was a hot day and it was the second break, time for marshmellow wars.

One such war was in full action on the North side of the stadium. Several hundred people were picking up melting marshmellows and slaming each other, hair, clothes, everything was getting creamed with marshmellow.. and this guy starts walking through the marshmellow war zone, and people started throwing marshmellows at him, but none were jitting the guy, so even more people were trying to hit him, and he walked through the zone and not one marshmellow had struck him. S was flying but not one landed on him that day..

Anyways, S happens and that why shtf to suit each individual. Some call it karma. May you escape the melty marshmellows as you pass through the fan zone.