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New take on it...

I think they are coming after the conspiracy theorists.

Just saw Megyn Kelly on Fox saying the woman had "some sort of a mental episode" and how "it's sad", and that she is now undergoing a mental evaluation at an area hospital, after being questioned by capital police.

False Flag to make conspiracy theorists & those who talk about Masons into criminals, or get them labeled as 'mentally ill'?

I recently argued on DP with a self professed German Freemason, Occultist, who posted a video of Helena Blavatsky. He did not mention, in his support for this mystic, that she founded the VRIL Society, and directly influenced the occult beliefs of Dietrich Eckhart, Adolf Hitler, and the Nazi 3rd Reich.

When I called this poster out for posting this Nazi occultism, and not honestly disclosing it's relation to Nazism, I was called "paranoid", a "religious nut", and other inaccurate, ad hominem labels designed to attack my character, and not address the issue.

Sounds like the trend is being set.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?