Comment: what I find amusing is all

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what I find amusing is all

what I find amusing is all this gold and silver is gonna crash stuff. I need to ask the question. What was the value on the dollar when gold was at 1900.00? what is the value of the dollar with gold at 1340.00 today? what was the value of the dollar when gold was under 1200.00? Why has the dollar not done anything? With Gold coming down like it did, why was the dollar not over 90 on the USDX?

You guys still don't see that Gold is manipulated do you? You still don't believe it because of your fantasy of buying gold ounces at 125.00 and silver ounces at 2.00 here in the short future. Gonna be some hurting folks in the next few years once they realize that Prechter, Mish and all the other fools led them down the wrong path to financial ruin. After all the hype of FED tapering fell off the table and they did not taper, you people still believe there is going to be deflation? I do really wish we would get a massive deflation. That is what we need. A total restart, with those in government in prison or dead once the deflation hits and many Americans lose all they worked for. But that is the reason why will see an inflationary depression first before this so called deflation. There is no political will to be blamed for what would happen in a Deflationary Depression. The taper BS should have taught you that. Listen to this interview
Maybe you will see the light before it is to late...

And that dollar is SOARING! SOARING just like Ron_is_for_real said it would!