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Comment: #5 will earn you a prison sentence.

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#5 will earn you a prison sentence.

If you are NOT someone upon whom an internal revenue tax has been laid or imposed, you have ZERO business filing related "information returns."

Such returns are ONLY for "taxpayers" to file - not for "non-taxpayers" to file.

A "taxpayer" is someone upon whom an internal revenue tax has been levied or imposed.

Title 26 deals ONLY with "taxpayers." "Non-taxpayers" are entirely beyond its scope. You will not find anything in there for "non-taxpayers" to do or concerning them.

If you determine that law does not apply to your situation, then you shouldn't be filing ANY related information returns mandated in that law.

The act of filing itself, is a self-declaration, under penalty of perjury, that you believe that those laws and those taxes DO apply to you and that such taxes HAVE been imposed or levied upon you or your earnings.

I would seriously caution anyone reading this post to be VERY careful when reading #5 and caution the OP to put a very strong disclaimer if they want to leave #5 up there. The OP can be put in jail just for "advising" others to "file false and fraudulent returns."

You also put the entire DP site and its user base at risk because the IRS WILL if they feel the need, seize this site, the domain, the physical servers upon which it is hosted, etc.

They've done it countless times and there is little or no reason to believe if they feel it is a threat that they won't do so again.

You will not get a fair trial. You will not be allowed to tell your side to the media. The media will report everyone associated as "tax cheats" and "anti-government anarchists."

Avoiding a tax, and knowing what taxes apply to you and do not, is not illegal.

Filing and advising people to file "false information returns" is.