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My common problem.

I fail to communicate often.

"I don't quite understand your questions or your reasoning. A mafia uses violence and the threat of violence to get what they want. Do you support that?"

The IRS is exactly the same thing as any other mafia with one possible exception: some of the victims are led to believe that the IRS is not a mafia.

Your words, to me, miss the point.

Your words:

"A mafia uses violence and the threat of violence to get what they want."

A mafia uses lies more effectively than threats or violence. A lie is less costly, less bloody, fewer skinned knuckles, and if the lie is very effective then the victims will be working harder and harder for the perceived benefits of paying the extortion fee at ever higher rates of payments flowing from the earner to the extortionists.

"Do you believe that is an ethically correct way to achieve things?"

What I wrote was this:

"No sooner than the old slave masters were driven out the new slave masters were plotting to take back the power of IMMORAL enslavement of the targeted victims."

I picked the word IMMORAL and I capitalized the entire word for effect, if you do not understand what I mean, then I can explain in greater detail.

No sooner than the IMMORAL and UNETHICAL British criminals were driven out of the voluntarily united constitutionally limited sovereign states of the former colonies, then, no sooner than the criminals were driven off, the next wave of criminals began to plot and make real a new INVOLUNTARY IMMORAL UNETHICAL association; which became real when those former sovereign states "ratified" The Constitution.

RATification of The Constitution was a return to Involuntary Association or Slavery made Legal.

No I do not support slavery made legal willingly, it is wrong, it is self-destructive.

"If an entire town lived in fear of mafia violence, would that be wrong in your opinion? Or is it not important?"

An example?

It is important for all human beings to defend Liberty, failure is a slow miserable death.

"And during slavery you probably would have called them "the willing slaves?'"

And during a discussion those volunteering to discuss a topic can defend themselves against unwelcome inferences of some nebulous wrongdoing. There is a well enough understood phenomenon that has an accurate label in English to be used when making references to the phenomenon.

Manufactures Consent


Brain Washing


Behavioral Modification


Response Conditioning

Do you understand how the phenomenon works?

How about the term Stockholm Syndrome, do you know what it is, how it works, and the utility of it for those who seek to enslave their targeted victims?

"The reason we call them TAXES and not CHARITY or DONATION is because we HAVE TO FORCE people to pay them under threat of violence or imprisonment in a rape cage."

I do no such thing.

You can, please, remove me from YOUR list that you call "we."

During my run for congress I offered the voters a choice, openly, honestly, that taxes do not have to be involuntary.

Who listened?

"And the reason we call it "extortion fee" instead of DONATION, is because they had to threaten violence or destruction to get you to pay."

Now lies are told, manufacturing consent.

Perhaps you didn't get the memo.

"Taxation is theft."

Theft if theft, why use two words? Are you working a well worn deception yourself: dividing so as to conquer?

"Government is the vail that hides the word theft."

Again, why confuse terms? If there is a veil, then the word for it is "veil," so why switch out the word "veil" and put in place the word government?

Who benefits from your bait and switch routine?

"Government is the vail that hides the gun that is pointed at you."

Government is strictly voluntary, or it is crime hiding behind the thin veil (lie) of a false government front.

You may need to do some more research before jerking your knee my way, please.