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Comment: In spite of what #7 says, someone did go to prison for it

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In spite of what #7 says, someone did go to prison for it

with NO ONE being prosecuted by the government. (Source: Pete Hendrickson. Note: Mr. Hendrickson was prosecuted, but the accuracy of his return was validated.)

In fact the someone who served time for it was none other than Pete Hendrickson!
Accuracy of his return validated? Not so much. He was convicted for filing with false information and sentenced to 33 months. Released 6/13/2012.

As for the "NO ONE being prosecuted" part, go find his victories page and start googling for the names to see what happened next. Posting those things with complete identifying info -- even images of refund checks! -- is mystifying enough. But then leaving them up when it's easy to discover that after getting the IRS's attention that way, they no longer belong in the victory column? Huh.