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I am enjoying speaking with you

But you are wrong on some pretty basic and fundamental points. I will discuss these specifically using quotes from your reply. But these concepts are so basic and well known... that I am surprised that you argue against them.

Your words, to me, miss the point.

If you could state your point SUCCINCTLY, I would be happy to agree or disagree with it.

How about the term Stockholm Syndrome, do you know what it is, how it works, and the utility of it for those who seek to enslave their targeted victims?

Yes, I believe I understand it. I think that most Americans experience Stockholm syndrome; in relationship to their government, "rulers," and parents.

"The reason we call them TAXES and not CHARITY or DONATION is because we HAVE TO FORCE people to pay them..."

I do no such thing.

This is one point that I cannot believe you even try to argue. Do you really think THAT TAXES ARE VOLUNTARY? THAT TAXES ARE OPTIONAL? That is so laughable. I think even grade schoolers understand that you would be fined, detained, and then imprisoned if you CHOSE NOT to pay your taxes. If I am mistaken, and you don't think this, then correct me. But if you think paying taxes is something we HAVE A CHOICE on, you have to outline this; because I think that IT IS CLEARLY not true!

"Taxation is theft."

Do you disagree with this?
I believe most people on this board agree that taxation is theft.

"Government is the veil that hides the word theft."

Yes, it seems quite simple. If your neighbor said "hey I insist you give me 30% of your earnings." You would obviously say "you have no right to my earnings." But if an IRS agent says "hey I insist you give me 30% of your earnings," you should respond differently? Do IRS agents have "magical rights" that common people don't have?

And this seems so basic, I am surprised you argue against it.

Kidnapping is wrong, unless a man in a blue costume does it.
Killing is wrong, unless a man in a camouflage costume does it.
Stealing is wrong, unless a man with an IRS jacket does it.

You see, being a "government employee," allows the violation of basic rights.

Government is strictly voluntary...

If you don't "volunteer" to send your kids to public school, what do you think will happen?
If you don't "volunteer" to pay property taxes, what will happen?
If you don't "volunteer" to obey traffic postings, what will happen?
If you don't "volunteer" to show up for a court date, what will happen?
If you don't "volunteer" to pay for the military budget, what will happen?

I am not sure we are using the same definition for "voluntary."

And I cannot believe you are sincere with your message that "taxes and government are voluntary." You consider yourself qualified to serve in congress? And you can honestly say that "taxes are voluntary?"