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Comment: Yea, thanks for filling that in.

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Yea, thanks for filling that in.

I was pretty sure 'ole Pete had done some time for that and I was pretty sure the claim of his return being validated was bogus but I didn't have the time to go look it up when I made my post to include it.

Also, the practice of posting your check with your info online is about as dumb as someone committing a crime, filming it, and putting it on YouTube. Kind of like the knuckleheads who put up a picture or vid of themselves on Facebook smoking pot - not bright man, not bright at all.

I wonder if anyone ever did a "what happened to them" posting somewhere of Pete's minions.

I also doubt the OP has followed this path personally and been successful - so far.

I just don't understand these folks who buy into the magic bullet snake oil stuff.

Sure, the tax is nothing like what we are led to believe, but that doesn't translate into the hocus pocus Pete Hendrickson and others are peddling.