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I would love to see Dave Ramsey give credit where credit is due. I think his ideas all came from Larry Burkett.
Larry Burkett designed the envelope system and teaching people how to manage money years before Ramsey did. I truly think Ramsey got his ideas from Burkett.

Anyway, Burkett probably would have endorsed Paul if he were still alive.

Some books by Burkett are
From before the time of Christ, there have been rumors of a secret society called The Illuminati...a vicious tribe of Druids with mystical, supernatural powers. Many saw them as demons or gods. Those who opposed them simply disappeared...or met an even worse fate.

Unknown to all but the very few, this group slowly infiltrated world organizations and financial institutions with a singular goal--to control the world's economic system.

The Coming Economic Earthquake
Larry Burkett's scripturally-based insights help us take the needed steps now-so we can remain financially sound and witness for Christ after the coming collapse. Fully updated to reflect the Clinton agenda.

The Thor Conspiracy: The Seventy-Hour Countdown to Disaster
In this mesmerizing story from the author of The Illuminati, Burkett gives us a haunting vision of a 21st-century America
crumbling under Orwellian government control. Readers will find intrigue and inspiration in the story of one man's death-defying struggle to uncover the truth behind 50 years of government lies

Solar Flare
In his latest thriller, Larry Burkett describes the potentially awesome power of a major solar flare and dramatic life-changing effects it could have on our electronic-dependent society--changes that not only affect our lives but our faith as well

Crisis Control for 2000 and Beyond: Boom or Bust?: Seven Key Principles to Surviving the Coming Economic Upheaval
A bestselling author looks at Y2K and growing worldwide economic instability and gives his evaluation.

Other then these books Burkett wrote many books on finance etc.