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"Some of us joined the GOP and then showed up like day of the dead live coming from their central committee seats."

No, I was entirely correct. What you refer to as far as seeking to organize within the GOP happened in the second attempt. The first attempt there was a small minority who coalesced online in the summer of '07 but Ron Paul didn't really hit the political radar until the Nov. 5 Money Bomb which was repeated Dec. 16. Those were the nights when the servers hosting dailypaul, ronpaulforums, ronpaulgraphs, etc. were completely overloaded at midnight est.

"Because of representatives like Rand, farmers will be able to grow hundreds of acres of hemp ... "

That is happening because large numbers of people other than libertarians do not agree with criminalizing victimless pot crimes which is a movement that has been growing in steam before Ron Paul ran in 07.