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It's really difficult to know

It's really difficult to know who you can trust.

Are you sure it's difficult?

"disease research including (research) at universities, the American Medical Association, the pharmaceutical companies, the lobbies and the FDA (whose budget is funded by pharmaceutical companies....)."

Looks as though it's not. :)

Because it's not, because it's simple, is why I argue against anyone railing about nature as medicine in an effort put it into hospitals and other tools of the medical industrial complex. My argument is to keep nature where it is, in the care of people who care. Little to nothing about argumentation and logic do the people who rail against the medical industrial complex know: To push nature into the medical industrial complex is to push nature into the medical industrial complex. The "railers" miss the obvious.

Two spheres:

1) medical industrial complex
2) nonmedical industrial complex: in nature, accessible to anyone and private in the correct sense of the word rather than private wrongly. Wrongly? Yes, in that this century is the decentralization of everything, the unraveling of things central -- because to amass total control, the things that have been crammed together forming centralization must be untethered to achieve that control, total control, whose name in economics -- that is, in trade -- is globalism. The decentralization will be false IF certain things, namely the imprisonment of the powers that be, don't occur. The privatization occurring daily, I fear, is the wrong kind, a kind vastly different than what existed since the beginning of mankind to the last 150 years, at about 1850, and than would could exist if the forces of evil are put away. I've tried to talk about false decentralization on the DP for quite some time, but a few rabid DPers are disparaging about such discussion. The central bankers of central bankers have more money than the Federal Reserve and any other central bank, now barriers to control globally, wherein control spreads from things general to specific globally, creating connection globally as if a spider web. Such a banker's wealth, for all intents and purposes, is immeasurable. The wealth must be so if it's to be used to control, a direction action, and to influence, an indirect action, governments (read: amassers and facilitators) and businesses that serve as hubs for many businesses because of the losses in money which are losses in the construction of a new world, a privatized world in which things are aligned to each person, creating the home (and automobile, etcetera) into a cell, hence technology, chiefly wireless technology.

So, see? It's easy to know who the bastards are. Yes, it's them! Keep them in their spheres, let us not burst their spheres because the bursting would cause the spheres' contents, the bastards, to spread. Let the medicine industrial complex do it's thing. The people running the medicine industrial complex really are doing us a favor: They keep outside it what's outside it. (A new appreciation for this phrase, eh?: Survival of the fittest. The fittest mind, therefore fittest body.) Only one thing need be done to that complex, prevent it from attacking me and you. All you and I should want is for you to do your thing and me to do mine. To live that way is to restore balance to our planet because each person will be able to restore balance to himself.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.