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Comment: Or... Hypnosis...?

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Or... Hypnosis...?

The guy walks up to her, says a few words, she gets up like nothing just casually walks up to the podium and starts to rant...

She said she's been having strange dreams.

Ever see 'The Manchurian Candidate'?

Shaw... Raymond, Howard Shaw...

The person is hypnotized before, all it takes is the trigger word..

As for the tape:
Apparently, the question of the validity of the tape is whether the audio we hear is from her rant at the podium, or is it from what she yelled as she was dragged off to the elevator?

I don't think we heard the entire thing either way, and it sounded edited in the middle, or cut off for a second.

"False-flag" psy-op to make conspiracy theorists, Christians, and people who talk about Masons look like crazy, mentally unstable, criminals? While simultaneously, making those very conspiracy theorists question their constitution and their own nation?

Could it be? You bet, it could.

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