Comment: I dunno, maybe the founders

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I dunno, maybe the founders

I dunno, maybe the founders got it backwards. Maybe women should have been given the vote and men denied it.

Women mature earlier and they tend to be more nurturing and empathetic. Would the country have been so involved in wars had women been at the helm? How much innovation was lost from the deaths of those millions of American men during our various wars?

On the other hand, we might conclude that the country would be entirely socialist under women rule. They do tend to vote with bleeding hearts. I mean, can you imagine a succession of President Oprahs?

But on second thought, we have to conclude that we'd be just as capitalist as now, maybe more so. Why? 'Cause women like their stuff! In fact, women like their stuff, and like more of it, than most men. Give a guy a nice car, a pimped out entertainment center and a decent grill and he's happy. Women on the other hand have no limits.

I mean, isn't married life for a guy pretty much all about working to get the woman her stuff? (In order to get into her stuff?)

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