Comment: Sometimes I'm flabbergasted.

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Sometimes I'm flabbergasted.

How is this a hard concept?? If you value something in a free market then you pay for it. You don't expect that it should be just given to you for free. Don't be a moocher!! Why the hell should Ron have to dip into his personal retirement (keeping in mind that he refused his taxpayer funded pension) to put together his professionally run online news channel? Are you crazy? I have donated an ABSURD amount of money to Ron's campaigns, YAL, various other liberty candidates and offshoots, Institute for Justice, etc. For me, throwing in a 10 spot once a month to support the Ron Paul Channel is nothing. Hell, I'm embarrassed it's not more. I blow 10 times that on cable alone (cause my spouse won't let me cut the cord). It's an absolute joy to be able to literally "turn off the TV and turn on the truth". Now I watch his channel whenever I want to catch up on stuff. No more fishing around for the least insulting/oppressive/terrible bullshit on the various cable "news" shows.

Bottom line: the Ron Paul Channel is worth WAY more to me than 10 worthless FRNs a month. WAY more. If you disagree, well then that's your prerogative. Hurray for free markets!