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Please Remove Your Shoes

An article on Drudge caught my attention a week or so ago. It told of US Air flight 1880. If people haven't followed these incidents, they might think this is something new, it is not. Probes and dry runs are happening on flights across the country and have been for quite a while.

The fact is this happened, and was first reported to the public, on Northwest Airlines flight 327 in June, 2004. The similarity of these incidents on a number of flights should concern all of us (especially those who fly).

US Air flight 1880, 2013:

Northwest flight 327, 2004:

Onboard flight 327, in 2004, were 19 Syrian "band members" who scared the passengers with similar actions. When the "band members" were investigated, many boarded the plane with expired visas, holding one way tickets, paid for in cash. The leader of the "band" was under criminal investigation for his actions on a previous flight in January, 2004. Remember back when the Department of Homeland Security issued a directive that passengers couldn't use the lavatories 20 minutes before landing? Actions by middle eastern men on quite a few US flights is the reason why. The TSA eventually blamed the passengers onboard 327 for over-reacting. The air marshals told a different story, as did the pilots and flight attendants. The air marshals had these "band members" on their radar for suspicious actions before flight 327 ever took off...

One of the most important movies ever produced is called "Please Remove Your Shoes." If you intend to fly, my advise is not to watch the film. For all others, this is our government keeping us "safe." A former air marshal in the film has decided flying was safer before 9/11 than it is now. The movie is online and I would strongly urge everyone with access to watch it.

The federal government spending billions upon billions of dollars rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic isn't keeping the flying public any safer. The same people who were in positions of authority with the FAA on 9/11, now populate the same positions in the TSA. It's a recipe for disaster.