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I don't agree

By the time I finally went to a committee meeting, Ron Paul was a bad joke, and the only radar he got on was sharks looking for political guppies to profit riding on Ron's coat tails.. What the MSM shows about the GOP is BS, and there's no way you or anyone could have ever convinced me.. so I don't expect to convince you. What I thought the GOP is, and what it is, how it operates, it was not the money bomb.. that was MSM interests.. the GOP, the real GOP.. it was those who got in and took seats.. we shook them up.. my committee is now a 100% Liberty committee, and if it had not been for me and those like me, willing to show up.. it would have remained what it was.. an embarrassment.

Large numbers of people can agree or not, but unless there is an elected representative standing for them in the house, nothing would happen.