Comment: Suffrage Should be a Privilege

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Suffrage Should be a Privilege

It occurs to me that the problem is not on which sex, race, religion, sexuality, or any other immutable people group one may call home. For me the reason voting has come to be meaningless is as Bastiat wrote, those who own not one iota of property are gifted the privilege to vote away the property of other folks. Thus, it is no surprise when a politician promises non-stop goodies to those who have never experienced the thrill of building or saving up for their own little slice, that they flock to said candidate, yes Bill even those overly emotional males.

The consequence is really two-fold, it of course causes harm to the Productive Class by making it more difficult for them to provide for their own life/family, but also indentures a dependent class who loses self-motivation and engenders a sense of entitlement.

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