Comment: He was basically quoting Michael Scheuer

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He was basically quoting Michael Scheuer

And you guys sure seem to like him...What gives?

Look at these quotes carefully:

Radical Islam will end only when Islam begins to police Islam. Only when Islam allows her children to examine the firefly in the daylight will the knowledge and enlightenment begin to glow and grow and religious violence recede. We should all pray for that day to come sooner rather than later.

We send billions of dollars a year to Pakistan and Egypt. We helped put new Islamic regimes in place in Afghanistan and Iraq. President Obama now sends arms to Islamic Rebels in Syria. In Egypt the mob attacked our embassy and burned our flag. I don’t know about you…but I’ve had enough.
(Notice he didn't say, "let's go bomb some countries!)


To me, it doesn’t make any sense to send American arms, American planes or American troops to aid the Syrian rebels, who are on the same side of that war as Al Qaeda!

In the future, I see less and less likelihood that conventional wars and armies will defeat 50 million Muslims spread across the planet. Make no mistake, we should actively defend ourselves but the ultimate answer must come from Islam itself.

These Islamic Republics see us as invaders and infidels. They will never accept us through force of arms. Somehow, though, they must come to understand that they must police themselves, that they must root out and destroy the sadists and killers who distort and contort religion to justify killing civilians and children.

Islam needs to remember and recreate the good in their history. For centuries, the Middle East was home to the cultural and intellectual centers of the ancient world. Math and science flourished. Tolerance and sophistication were the norm.

The great medieval physician, Rhazes, identified smallpox and measles, while the Persian mathematician, al-Kwarizmi, made advances in algebra.

Islam carried the light of learning through the centuries. They paved the way for the Enlightenment. Innovation in the Muslim communities developed the magnetic compass, mastered pens and printing, and understood better than any other culture the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

As late as the 1960s it was said that books were written in Cairo, printed in Beirut, and read in Baghdad.

Most Muslims describe Islam as a peaceful and tolerant religion, that at one time prized inquiry over the heads of infidels; the scientific method over fanaticism. I believe Islam still contains the roots of these classical traditions, and can return to them....

*Now, these were all ballsy points to make, but they are pretty well balanced in my book and waaaay more intelligent than what most political hacks are saying. What is the real beef with what he is saying from our community? Are you mad that he's a Christian?

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