Comment: Not Sure What Any Of These Terms Even Mean

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Not Sure What Any Of These Terms Even Mean

These words mean different things to different people. But the way I see it, it's all irrelevant anyway. To me, these are people who are simply trying to create a tyrannical regime in the US. I don't think that they truly believe in some other ideology (e.g. communism) because they think it would the best system for the most people.

I think they're just trying to put as many people under their collective thumb as possible so they can control the wealth of the country. It has been done in other countries and TPTB decided they wanted to do it in the US too. It's amazing that a small group of politicians can control several hundred million people. But then again, if you look at the animal world (and let's not forget that human beings are animals), a small pride of lions can terrorize an entire herd of buffalo. I think that's the rough equivalent for the human animal.