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I will try to explain.

If you read and understand the Bible, you will see that Satan, as God's archenemy, will use whatever means he can to deceive people. People are the crown of God's creation, and as such, Satan wants to cause them pain and misery and ultimate destruction.

Satan cares not if he does this through 'atheism' or a false religion. However, when a man denies the creator's existence, he denies the creator's rules, one of the main ones being, "love thy neighbor as thyself". So, an atheist is then free to be a god unto himself and push an economic plan that will impoverish and destroy individuals and society. He is also free to deviate from God's plan for sex, by abusing himself with mankind and abusing small boys, etc. In his own mind, he has no God he will answer to, so why should he care.

Keynes knows different now though.

Christians should not be warmongers!