Comment: I am not sure what your point is now

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I am not sure what your point is now

We have done a lot of typing here! And I am totally unclear on what you would like to make. I cannot clearly summarize any position you have taken. If you could make a point, IN ONE SENTENCE, that would be succinct and clear. I still welcome you to present your views, positions, beliefs, or opinions; whatever you prefer to call them.

I think I have presented my positions clearly:

1. Taxation is theft.
2. Government IS the "use of force."
3. Government is not voluntary, it is forced
4. Taxation is not voluntary, it is forced.
5. "Government Authority" is used to perform immoral acts, such as imprisonment, kidnapping, theft, or violence.
6. The reason that we HAVE THESE WORDS: "Tax" and "Government", IS TO HIDE the immoral acts that they perform, and dress them up as something "good," "virtuous," or "for the public good."

I don't know how much more succinct I can be. If you disagree with one of these, I would love to hear you succinctly present your reason for disagreement; and perhaps provide me with some good reason to agree with you, perhaps some obvious example or evidence that we all "volunteer to pay taxes." But these are my views, and I can easily defend them. I can see what happens to people that don't pay their taxes, or don't obey government edicts.