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Offense or Defense

The words you speak, in my view, miss the point.

The necessity of government is forced upon defenders by offenders, or in other words the potential victims of criminals are forced into expending their precious resources cooperatively toward defense against inevitable victimization at the hands of criminals.

The necessity of figuring out how to voluntarily combine forces of individual defenders in such a way as to make crime less affordable for criminals compared to other (voluntary) pursuits that criminals would pursue when faced with effective defense is demanded upon the potential victims by the criminals.

The criminals have figured out how to voluntarily cooperate among themselves, and the criminals have figured out how to convince the targeted victims that the criminals are their protectors.

A protection racket, in other words, is a method by which the criminals convince the victims that they have no other choice other than to pay the criminals for protection against the criminals.

When such a lie takes hold, the victims are then steadily growing weaker while the criminals are steadily growing stronger.

The final nail in the coffin occurs when the victims no longer conceive of voluntary government, and therefore each individual victim is completely left to their own individual defensive power.

Shays's Rebellion (false terminology) was the last battle of the Revolutionary War as actions of victims of a criminal Massachusetts "government" were voluntary associations in defense of those criminals who took over that State government within that Voluntary Union of Constitutionally Limited Nation States or Republics.

According to known common law (another falsified term to be wary of) and according to the principles reported in The Declaration of Independence, the Slaves who were being made into Slaves by the criminal Government in Massachusetts, banded together to regain control of the Massachusetts Armory, however the Revolutionary War Soldiers were "put down" and the survivors of the criminal actions of the "Governors" of Massachusetts fled like runaway slaves into Vermont.

So that set-up the legal precedent which proved the validity of the Free Market design of a Confederation of Constitutionally Limited Nation States or Republics, because there was no Central Monopoly Involuntary Slave Master Cabal (Dictatorship) having Authority to demand that Vermont return the runaway slaves who ran away from Massachusetts.

Vermont was asked to return the fugitives (Revolutionary War veterans who were following the principle declared in The Declaration of Independence = consent of the governed) slaves but Vermont did not "officially" reply or some such refusal.

It was obvious, then, to the Central Bankers Cabal, including both Hamilton and Washington, that the Voluntary nature of the association had to go, so the so called Federalists convened a secret meeting in Philadelphia to make a deal with the Southern Slave States, so as to Consolidate all the Constitutionally Limited Republics into one Consolidated Nation State which would then be an Involuntary Association, whereby any slave anywhere could be hunted down and returned to their masters.

The southern criminals were given an offer by the norther criminals (central bankers) that was heavily biased on the side of the Central Banker Cabal, which ensured that there would be a day of reckoning, which was that ObamaNation called The Civil War.

From the moment the united states became a corporate entity in 1788 there was continuous effort applied by the corporate "president" to enslave all the slaves into slavery. The first major expense of abusing government power was called, falsely, The Whiskey Rebellion, which is then a precedent to compare to Shays's Rebellion in stark contrast to how a Voluntary Free Market Government design did work, in contrast with how an Involuntary False Government does work.

Note: A Voluntary army defeated the British invaders.

A voluntary army attempted to defeat the Massachusetts criminal government (so called Shays's Rebellion)

A CONSCRIPTED army of slaves was assembled by Hamilton and Washington to suppress a slave revolt and to CRUSH a money competitor in Pennsylvania (so called Whiskey Rebellion).