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quotes from the video, for those who don't have time to watch it all; however, it is, imo, worth the watch:

"...I watched the nation (USA) that I had faith in, slowly become a victim to the parasites and its being fed by an elitist group of Republicans and Democrats...the RINOs and the Socialists, the Progressive Socialists that just want to tear it down...."

"...In schools, we're not teaching our children how to think, we're teaching them what to think, as long as it fits an agenda..."

"...We're gutting this nation, we're gutting the actual things that made this nation great...if you speak up, you're slandered and attacked..."

"...Americans as a whole should be proud of ourselves..."

On Obamacare: "...The Constitution does not allow our federal government to mandate that I buy something..."

Partial solution: "...first, we need to impeach Barack Hussein Obama; second, we need to bring those people that were part of Fast & Furious, Benghazi, the IRS scandal...they've operated with impunity...we've had no justice...we want them all out..."

"...we've paid the cost for this government to act in accordance with the Constitution and when it doesn't, we take it personally; we get kinda mad about that; since we took our responsibilities as service members seriously, we definitely take our responsibilities as citizens seriously..."

"...I'm Native American...Native American culture disappeared to small almost was gotta get up and do something; you gotta get up and protest..."

Benghazi: "...they blamed the film-maker...Obama and Hillary looked their families in the eye...can you imagine the arrogance of that..."

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