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What i think the

What i think the establishment is TRYING to do, is create opposition to their NEW opposition, brought fourth by the internet, using idealogically, its pretty damn sad to me, to see folks FORCING ideaoligy about government, its so god damn easy to unravel, just by its stupidity, the reason their opposition is so "affective" is because they are no nonsense folk who want truth and justice, AND THEY MEAN WHAT THEY SAY

edit:and say what they mean, which comes across as whats been labeled throught out history, as ideaology, it cant be forced it cant be faked, it has to have a basis on fact and an idea of how to PERCIEVE that fact for the given situation, and a respect for unforseen consequences, reduced immensly, purely by, NOT, pretending there are no such things as CONSEQUENCES, if a person goes in thinking that automatically, how long do you reckon somone reclessly implements something WITH consequence

If that makes any kinda sense