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YOU are the one who is

YOU are the one who is insisting that "government" is defined as "non-consensual". I'm sorry, but that's simply NOT the case, period, no matter how much you claim to the opposite, and my 100% proof positive of that is the fact that I have consented to certain actions of government. Therefore, there is absolutely no possible way to convince me that government is inherently non-consensual, because I know factually and first-hand that is not the case.

If you re-read my statement with this in mind, it will become clear that at no point did I ever even come remotely close to suggesting that there is no difference between involuntary and voluntary, and indeed to see my statement as doing so is to completely and utterly ignore everything I have said.

Government is fictional, its a made up story (although one that most people believe), if you get rid of it, you loose nothing material. A gun is a material devise, if you get rid of it you lose something of material value.

People are not material? Organizations are not material? I will never agree with you on that.

However, you've managed to dodge my point and completely redirect the subject yet again. It is infinitely frustrating how steadfastly you anarchists utterly refuse to address the one obvious, oft-repeated, completely insurmountable problem of anarchy. It doesn't exist, it can't exist, and if it did exist, it would therefore not exist.