Comment: Another day another video - well here goes again -my list of

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Another day another video - well here goes again -my list of

things wrong with this.

1. Can someone explain why after shooting someone in the stomach four times you roll them over to cuff them? Wow - that seems fucking harsh to me. No first aid, just rolling him over and cuffing him - probably exasperating the injuries and CERTAINLY causing enormous pain.
2. Looks to me like the officer on the right bends down and polices his brass - he appears to bend over twice to pick something up. Seems to me protocol would be to leave the crime scene 100% intact
3. OH - I forgot the part where the cowardly bastards just shoot the guy after 5 seconds - and it appears the mother explained to 911 that the man was mentally challenged(why are they mentally challenged before getting shot - but all of a sudden are mentally ill after they are killed- is it a perception thing?)
4. "We are in the very early stages of conducting a thorough criminal investigation of this incident. Once we complete the criminal investigation we will refer our findings to the Dallas County District Attorney's office [...] We will then begin the administrative investigation to determine whether our deadly force policy was violated. 

" - So what you are saying is - you are conducting a criminal investigation into a guy unlawfully using a rolling chair - THEN - you'll get to that minor little problem about the cops shooting someone for no reason. I mean - let me begin the investigation for you - your officers are fucking thugs, put them in jail.

5. Now - ASSUMING this man was able to sign up for Obamacare - the good news is - this mentally capable man will now only have to pay a 12000.00 copay for his medical bills this year - of course given the late month of the year - he will soon have another 12000.00 to pay - which means instead of filing bankruptcy for 250000.00 dollars in medical bills - he will only have to file bankruptcy for 25000.00 in medical bills. See Obamacare does work.

Enjoy your weekend- be sure to stand up and sing the national anthem for all the sporting events - and be sure to chant USA USA over and over to show how free you are!