Comment: Excellent and sound exegesis of a casus belli!

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Excellent and sound exegesis of a casus belli!

But more than a cause for conflict, though I have no doubt that the present perfidy stands at least equal to that the founders were compelled to resist, we see in this explanation a shocking and frank diagnosis.

The prognosis of this condition is a terminal outcome for the nation.

The worm of infection has not begun with the elected servants who have so evilly forsaken their oaths, become oath breakers, and imperiled the ship of liberty and state. No, this infection is a direct outcome of the malaise and disease which has overcome the once free people who live in their respective precincts. They have fallen far into the many results of the 'sin of mankind', greed, lust, pride of life!

In the end they will be accounted as the most responsible!

In this ending, as the last great transfer of their wealth winds down into a collapsed money system, they are becoming serfs... serfs with cool toys, but serfs nonetheless!