Comment: Congrats on your dad's

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Congrats on your dad's

Congrats on your dad's success! I recently ordered a couple of pawpaw trees because of their possible treatment abilities. (have to get two because aren't self-pollinating).

During the Spanish Flu epidemic, family (incl. one that helped care for the sick in village) and local doctor used epsom salt as preventative. It's alkaline in nature and raises your ph. Treatment amount was as much as you can without getting diarrhea and to take it right before bed. Grandmother said was about 1/2 a tsp in glass of water.

According to family, the only one that took epsom and got sick was the one that was going out helping tend to the sick and dying; she sometimes skipped her dose, and only got mildly ill.

This is similar to cancer cure I was reading about the other day except the fellow used baking soda to raise ph and added molasses to signal to cancer cells to eat (cancer cells open up for food when sugar on the way cause they gobble up sugars).