Comment: The deal with Rand

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The deal with Rand

Copied from my comment in another thread, re: some of the criticisms of the criticisms:

Look, you may be very well right about his "strategy", and perhaps he is just leaning stealth neocon to get into office or whatever, "appease the base", and usher in a great libertarian government. Fantastic. I hope it happens .

But, in the meantime, when he makes statements that are unequivocally opposed to libertarian principles - supporting the possibility of preemptive strikes and sanctions on Iran , a global military presence, protecting "allies" and "strategic interests"...whether or not he *means* it, it's important for libertarians interested in advancing a consistent philosophy to point it out and say "Rand is good on many things, but this is not in line with libertarianism"

What is so wrong with that?

Don't turn into a cult of Rand.Its' the last the movement needs, and will do nothing to advance liberty.
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