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I've already addressed this in this very thread

God gives sovereignty to the people.

Now, you may or may not believe that an ideal political governmental system would say that each individual holds his sovereignty severally. That is what anarchists believe. You are of course free to believe that such is ideal and that any system that doens't recognize this is a crappy one which is evil. That's your right to have that opinion.

However, that is not the system that our founding fathers created. The sovereignty is held jointly by the people, and delegated to the states, who delegated it to the federal govt. The civil war era amendments changed the way that works.

Again, that may not coincide with your personal concept of wonderland. But here in the real world, that is the way it was conceptualized for the USA.

If you can find some authority from a legal scholar that says the founders intended people to be able to decide on consenting to laws after they are passed, or to revoke consent on individual laws or acts after they're passed, then I would like to see it. Of course, a law can be revoked or repealed and there are processes for that which involve something more than a doofus saying "I don't consent." Not just a youtube video, but something compelling, like a law school textbook, or a case holding, or a statement from a founding father.

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