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Old radical joke: When four

Old radical joke:
When four radicals meet, three are fools and one is a government spy.

Back in the '60s the radical group I hung out with had about eight active members. One turned out to be a BATF undercover and another an FBI paid informant. So (assuming we didn't miss anybody) the ratio was just what was predicted.

We also assumed, at the time, that this would happen. So we never did anything illegal in/through the organization, as a matter of policy. And thus were none of us busted.

Another bit of wisdom from the old-line radicals: How do you identify the infiltrator? He pays his dues. (The membership tends to be too lose about scheduling or too cash-strapped to pay. The infiltrator isn't going to risk being ejected from his membership, jeopardizing his standing with his cop organization, by failing to keep up-to-date on dues.) The infiltrators were also useful for general office work - like printing the leaflets and the like. (They'll copy the files anyway, why not let them keep them organized for the rest of us? B-) )

The Daily Paul is on the open Internet. Of COURSE we have "moles". I'd be disappointed if we didn't: It would mean we're not being effective enough to rate some.

Take advantage of it. Give the newsies, for example, something to use on their shows. Then they'll do additional fact-checking and put the message out FOR us.

Waving the meat under the hungry newsbeast's nose is MUCH more effective than trying to talk them into telling our story our way. CONVERT them - by giving them the truth that converted YOU and letting them do the work from there.

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"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.