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I think

Many who love Ron Paul consider themselves anti-war, maybe because they are not aware of pro-peace, which is stratigic defense, and while people are not the ideal targets, taking out WMD that are a threat to peace, is moral.

After the last CA GOP convention, where LIBERTY was a damn near every tee shirt, sticker, book, flyer, campaign slim jom, sogns, buttons.. with a tea party caucus emerging (and Republican Liberty Caucus is sitting pretty).. the LIBERTY movement appears to developed in the CA GOP.. three tables with Ron Paul books, several tables about the constitution,

And so it seems to me, that the GOP has ripped off the Liberty movement, because the GOP is having a Liberty movement top to bottom. I didn't expect it. Was happy to see it. Was happy to see all the money.. if a person did not go to the conventions, they would not know about what happend to the CA GOP.