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This website used to be

This website used to be great. What the hell happened?!?!?! Obama's rise to power is a commie plot dating back to the early 50's?!?!?!?! Are you crazy?!??!! His advisors are the same fucking advisers George Bush and Cinton had!!! People in Washington are far more left leaning than they used to be.... I'll be the first to argue that... But a communist plot?!?!?! This is stupidity. The USSR doesn't even exist anymore!! The KGB was disbanded!!! This site is becoming less and less useful by the day. Time to start another one and leave the tin-foiled hat, GMO hating conspiracy theorists to fool around on this one. There is a big difference between government abuse (like NSA spying) and crazy theories of communist plots! I thought McCarthy died already! Geez!!