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I have posted excerpts from

several style manuals and I posted excerpts in your thread even.

"9.8. Except as otherwise designated, points and spaces are omitted after initials used as shortened names of governmental agencies ... "

Go read them again. I do not focus on the actual spelling because spelling is insignificant when what counts is surrendering part of a bundle of rights when something is registered in a state which is a member of the United States and placed under its protection.

However if you actually read the excerpts I have already posted the Uniform System of Citation pretty much states follow the exact spelling on a source document and refer to the US Government Style Manual for additional clarification.

The US Government Style Manual states examples can not be provided for everything but if one applies all the rules and examples herein the proper styling can be derived.

Where this would actually manifest with real world evidence is a United States certificate of birth is the source document for all government identification. If agencies are following their own authorities for spelling and grammar one would expect to see the designated name on a driver license spelled using the same styling as it appears on the source document (ie. certificate of birth).