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Comment: life,and the ones who think they direct it

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life,and the ones who think they direct it

cause the chaos and confusion we all feel and see
Titles and the like are created to do the same
Your identity is in whom you are,it is not created without
but from within,and it is not a one size fit all world as we are lead
to believe
All people poor or rich the same thing in common,and that is the ability
to sense right from wrong,good from bad,and we all have the ability
to draw from within ourselves the answers to all problems
We have also been given the ability to sense when things are not right
when things are right,and we also know what to do about it all
where some fail,is by not listening to themselves,but instead listen to others
and this is their/our downfall,no one has a special ability to direct others
away from their own confusion,conflicts,or troubles.This leads to more of the same
Our conscience,has a purpose,if we would only stop,quiet ourselves and just listen
When we do not heed that little voice we get into trouble
Most have let the state be that little voice,and this is not good,as it
does detriment to us all,but this is where the first paragraph comes into play
I whole heartedly agree,we can take in way to much and suffer an overload
but this is also by design,if i can get others to question themselves
then they are not listening to themselves,and I win
isn't it a grand design? get others to question and second guess themselves,then they in turn give that little voice to me,i am their conscience,their little voice,and I alone get to pass judgemnet,and direct their very lives,and all brought about by confusion,chaos,but mostly LIES
stay calm,carry on,and drink a cup for me

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)