Comment: Be careful Whom You Write-Off

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Be careful Whom You Write-Off

I am unsure about Cruz as well, but I'd urge you and everyone else to at least give people their fair shake. What you are advocating is guilt by association. Again, I am not sold on Cruz yet, but at some point in your life you have to trust someone.

If you treat Cruz that way do you do that to everyone in your life? Do you ask for the resume and criminal nackground of the people who make your fast food? The apostle Paul (formerly Saul) prosecuted and murdered Christians. Everyone I know that supports Ron Paul was either a NEOCON or Libtard at one point.

People can and do change. it is our past experiences that shape our future decisions. If we scrutinize every single person and label them Mossad Agents or Communist Plants then the liberty movement is doomed to fail