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I support the 1st Amendment, and every individuals' right to...

Freedom of Religion.

I know Islam means submission to the will of 'Allah' but you cannot deny that Muslims in the USA and elsewhere have attempted to make Sharia Laws hold water in US Courts. The same thing is happening in Europe. It is that way in the middle east.

Sharia don't like it. Rock the Casbah. That's a great song I cannot believe you don't know it.

If you look at the middle east nearly every Muslim nation follows Sharia Law, to varying degrees, but none-the-less. There, the religious institution is the power institution. I have witnessed a little girl being stoned to death, and it was one of the most horrible, disturbing things I've ever seen.

I understand there is a liberty movement in countries like Egypt, and they have been used, and ignored behind the radical Islamists that are backed secretly by NWO/US partners. I support those Muslims who don't want tyranny to reign in their home countries anymore.

As for the Quran/Koran, I understand it in my limited study of it, to be a book of contradiction. Not necessarily a bad thing. One line says one thing, and the next line says.. 'BUT'... and then the opposite. For instance, the notion of, and I'm quoting you not the Quran, "you must choose to obey it voluntarily". That's kind of an oxymoronic statement.

Not that there isn't apparent contradiction in the Torah & Bible.

I really don't have anything against Islam. I have friends from my childhood, who were Muslim, and we got along very well. My camp roommate was Muslim one time as well, we were good friends.

The issue of being theocratic and tyrannical is one that all major religions have been guilty of at one time or another.

Jews, in Biblical times, wiped out all the people of Jericho. Christians have the inquisition. Islam, which is the youngest of all the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, the basis) seems to be still going through those growing pains.

But one major issue with Islam, that leads to radical militant Jihad, is that it preaches that Islam should indeed be spread by force, to the whole world. Christianity has always been about spreading itself, and it used to contradict it's every teaching in order to do that. The real teachings of Yeshua though, were to spread His message with love, not the sword. Christianity has turned that corner. Judaism did long ago. Jews are basically just sitting back waiting for the (return of the) Messiah. (This doesn't mean Jews won't violently defend themselves, and the tiny, only Jewish nation on earth.) As for those 'infidels' who're behind the 'west' attacking, and occupying Muslim nations (not including Israel, but Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.). To me, the war on Islam & the mid-east is a NWO Luciferian/Masonic/Templar plot, and not a Christian or Jewish one. I mean they are killing as many Jews and Christians as they are Muslims. Maybe we, as monotheists, should unite against the NWO? Hmm?

Now, why is it that Islam remains violently radical? Well, the constant attacks on Islamic nations by the west has provided fuel for that fire, no doubt, but what is the spiritual explanation? There is more going on than just retaliation. Islam is the most popular world religion, and it is spreading across Europe, and even the US, like wildfire. Most Muslims are living peacefully in the western world.
Why, still the support for violent Jihad? And worse, totalitarian, theocracies?

Islam preaches to both befriend the infidel, and to kill the infidel.

As I said, the Koran is a book of contradictions. There certainly are some very beautiful poetic verses, and great wisdom in the Quran.

But it is not always consistent with the wisdom that the Freedom Movement holds dear. Being submissive to the Lord G-d Himself, is a good, humble thing. But when Men start claiming to know the Will of G-d, beyond that written in His Word, it usually leads to tyranny. That can be found in any organized religious structure, but right now, the organized religious structure that is killing, and oppressing the most people, is that of radical Islam.

Thanks, for your comments, I hope we can continue to discuss civilly.

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