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So then you must know more

So then you must know more than anyone the danger of letting these Muslim believers in Sharia law into the country, as you are willing to be beheaded for following what they consider to be mans way, the way of the devil, instead of god's way, as they consider bad Muslims to be worst of all. Europe is already lost from the inside due to their open immigration. The US is next. We must stand up to it. You have to be pretty brave in your case to stand up to it.

PS. I'm not a believer in any religion, so I'm not fighting for one over the other, but I consider Islam to be worse than all the rest. I don't think it even deserves freedom of religion in that it has an embedded political agenda that is completely adverse to our own. It's like if Hitler made the worst political system on Earth into the word of God, and when people believe in God they won't go against it or even question it. It would be the ultimate self sustaining system. Everyone knows you can't contradict God or question him in court, at least not until after you're dead. I guess that's how kings of old often held sway over their people.

I will say I think religious believers are generally great people. The Christians I know have many great traits. I'm sure Muslims are the same. "I have several religious friends." At risk of pissing people off, they are just given to fantasy, which they refer to as faith and the details of their belief. I wish people would grow out of it, and stop trying to make up answers where you have none.

If the Muslim religion continues to grow, it could throw the world into the dark ages for many thousands of years, as no rational thought will be allowed, rational thought won't be discussed, and the history of rational thought will be erased, and our own place in time will be a tiny insignificant blip no bigger than a period on a piece of paper.