Comment: Hmm, better to get some facts.

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Hmm, better to get some facts.

I am a technology professional, and most of my experience lies in web development. So I'm familiar with akamai's CDN service. Once you understand what akamai is/does, you'll realize its not at all sinister.

Akamai is what is known as a CDN or Content Delivery Network. Businesses like Facebook and twitter, sites that receive ridiculous amounts of traffic like millions or billions of clicks a day, employ CDNs in order deliver the speed and reliability most of these large sites are known for.

Imagine rather than everybody trying to make requests to a single data-center, those requests get fulfilled instead by a CDN server center that may be much much closer to you, offloading that traffic from the business's main web servers.

Also, I have no idea why the article author thinks Lockheed martin has anything to do with Akamai.

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