Comment: Very Interesting, Thanks Steve.

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Very Interesting, Thanks Steve.

For many years now I was trying to figure out who was crashing the Gold/Silver markets. So here's my guess:

Communist China, an ancient country, has always set "long term" goals.
I think they want to replace the U.S. dollar as the worlds international settlement money.

Snip from link above: "The program has since expanded to all areas of China and all international counterparties. China has also made agreements with Australia, Japan, Thailand, Russia, and Vietnam to allow for direct currency trade, instead of converting to the US Dollar."
Could it be that China, with a reported 2 Trillion U.S. dollars worth of U.S. Treasury notes has an account with an American "Investment Bank", such as J.P.Morgan/Chase or Goldman Sachs and is the culprit responsible for selling short sales to the point of crashing the market, and then buying physical Gold/Silver at depressed prices, in the long term effort of controlling the world's monetary system ??