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About Kabbalah... Good question.

Wish I knew.
Kabbalah is definitely not part of mainstream Judaism.
We never covered it when I went to Hebrew School on Saturdays and Wednesday after school. We barely learned about the Talmud, either.
Torah, Torah, Torah. That's what we learned.

In my limited knowledge on the subject, Kabbalah stems from the Talmud, which is about Rabbis arguing over interpretations of scripture. Kabbalah is about assigning numbers to meanings or something like that. When Yeshua says, in the New Testament, that "the number is that of man, and that number is 6 6 6" that is essentially Kabbalah. I believe it has something to with the Temple of Solomon, and the influence the Masons had on that ancient era of Judaism. It has clearly remained to this day, in some secretive circles of Rabbinic Talmudic Judaism and likely within secret societies such as the Masons, and Knights Templar (who probably re-discovered, and re-popularized this esoteric knowledge, when excavating under the Temple Mount, during the first Crusade).

Now. As for my abrasive style of argument, I apologize. I am used to having to have a thick skin, as I am Jewish, Messianic Jewish at that. I constantly see & hear things on this site that are highly critical of Jews, Israel, and Christianity/Yeshua Himself. Now, the same individuals who push this stuff, and claim that others are bowing to political correctness, while they openly rip on Jews, and Jesus, well they complain that I offend them, when I call them out. This is hypocrisy.

As those who are constantly harping on 'Zionism' have pointed out, you should base your judgment (and you up/down votes) on the points, and facts presented, not the political-correct buzzwords.

It seems, on DP, that there is a reverse-political-correctness. Jews, Blacks, Whites, Women, Christians, are all open season to criticism, but Neo-Nazis, stormfront, and radical Islam is not. Not without being told to 'Cool your rhetoric". It isn't rhetoric. It's the Truth.

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