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I'm right about everything I said on this thread. Like it or not

Interesting Story...

Mountain Meadows Massacre

On Sept. 11, 1857, Mormons under orders of dictator Brigham Young attacked a wagon trail of hungry, vulnerable American settlers, passing through Utah territory.

Brigham Young was fighting with the US Government, and had previously ordered the attack of a group of US Soldiers patrolling the territory.

He ordered his men to dress up as local Native Americans, to blame the massacre on them, in both of these incidents.

After killing the wagon trail settlers, women and children too, another patrol of Soldiers came through, who were looking for the other group of Soldiers. Instead, they found the massacred remains of the settlers.

The Soldiers constructed a crude rock monument, by piling rocks to make a huge stone pyramid rock pile.

The next day, Brigham Yong heard about this, rode out to the spot of the massacre/monument. He arrived just before the sun set.

Brigham Young was so angered by the monument that the US Soldiers had built, that he "Put his arm at the Square" (a Masonic sign) and his men had the monument torn down, before the sun was fully set.

That's a story that further links Mormonism with Masonry/Knights Templar.

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