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well put

respect,I agree,as you already know,religions do not
respect each other,they hate on them
If one does not totally believe in what this one says,they are shunned
I respect all,love all,and try to do no harm.But i will call a spade a spade
if necessary
I do not really care if one picks this over that,but people better make sure
it is the truth that they sell their souls to
have you ever read about solomons ring??,not that you would,but it isn't in the bible
The pope wheres a thing on his lapel,it is 2 keys,this was also in the bible,but no more,wonder what that could mean?
I love to chat with you,but at times you confuse me much like oyate,err smudgepot does
I like bewilderment,but also like to get to the bottom of it,it is after all
a mystery :)
you 2 have the same deal going on,your color,yes that must be it,no,not your
pigment,or lack there of...deeper...much deeper,something connected deeper
naturally maybe IDK :)

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence